Logo Design & Branding

Why is a unique logo so important?

The reason a quality logo is so important is because it represents what's known as your brand. If you're like us, chances are you think the term "branding" is a little pretentious. And while it might all sound like a bunch of made-up terminology by advertising executives, there actually is a good reason they bang on about it so much.

People get feelings from logos. People remember unique logos. People will make their first judgments about your business from your logo. Many new businesses spend so much time on other things that their visual branding is often left until the last minute, resulting in something that potential customers will forget, or may even be repelled by.

Make sure you get it right – the first time.

So what is branding?

Once your logo is complete, you need to ensure that everything that follows (business cards, flyers, advertising) also reflects what your logo conveys – whether it's trust, value, joy, style, or any other feeling you want to impart to potential customers.

Good branding makes your logo work even harder, and embeds your business deeper into the minds of your audience.

What will I get with Catnip logo design?

  • questionnaire to determine what you want from your logo
  • Minimum of 3 unique design concepts – not a cheap, cookie-cutter clipart logo you might get elsewhere
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Final artwork in JPG, PNG and scaleable EPS/PDF format, suitable for print and online use
  • Full transfer of copyright